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About Primo

Primo are a group of experienced professionals with a passion for delivering a positive residential experience.

Our professionalism and commitment to tenants and investor landlords is evident in our ANUK National Code accreditation (student sector), and Safeagent membership (private rented/residential sector).

Primo also has Scottish Letting Agency Registration.  Registration Number: LARN1903109


The sister company of Forshaw Land & Property Group, Primo strive to offer a responsive customer service ethos, driven by the desire to achieve 100% occupancy levels and great tenant satisfaction.


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Safe and Secure

‘Safe and Secure’ accommodation is a key requirement, whether you’re a student or a professional tenants. PRIMO implement many features to ensure our properties are safe, and this may include: electronic key fob access, secure cycle storage, secure car parking, cctv and at some properties, a site based management team/a concierge service.


Superb Locations

Location, Location, Location – need we say more! Close proximity to all key amenities in the locality is paramount – all of our accommodation (whether student or professional tenants) is situated in prime locations. This provides residents with easy access to nightlife, culture, transport links (including motorway networks for getting to work) and retail (great for those avid shoppers). Oh, and for students, don’t worry, your university will be on your doorstep!

Boutique Student Living / Award Winning Professional Tenant Schemes

Expectation in terms of accommodation, whether you’re renting as a student or professional tenant is at an all time high. At PRIMO we understand this. For students, our ‘Boutique’ facilities include flat screen TVs in every room, high speed WiFi Internet provision, a variety of room types from pods to luxury en suite studios with power showers, plus fully fitted gymnasium, cinema room for those ‘in house’ movie nights and pool table/table tennis for the more competitive types. Additionally, our professional tenants have the benefit of high quality fitments and fittings, including Villeroy & Bosch sanitary ware and Nobilia German fitted kitchens, with integrated appliances.

‘Residential experience’

Primo work hard to deliver a fantastic residential experience. This delivery includes a 24/7 on call service, short timescales for dealing with repairs and a real ‘can do’ attitude when faced with a problem. We will always try to find a prompt solution to any issue, and work hard to resolve issues as soon as we can. We encourage an open and transparent dialogue with tenants, in pursuit of a quick solution to problems. The Head Office team have excellent customer service skills, ensuring good relations are developed. This is reflected in the high retention rates we have across the portfolio.

Our Properties

The boutique luxury properties we manage are all landmark buildings located in prime locations.

This allows our residents – whether student or professional – to access all that the location has to offer. For students, uni and student life is easily accessible (including the bars, restaurants and clubs) and for professionals,travel links including major motorway networks, national employers and leisure, sporting and cultural opportunities are on your doorstep. Ensuring a good work/life balance is easily accessible.

Facilities include:

Student FAQs

Professional FAQs

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Professionals Downloads

Student FAQs


I love the accommodation and want to book?

Great – simply click on your property location from the PRIMO home page and complete the inquiry form. Thereafter, someone from the PRIMO property team will get in touch and explain the booking process. A deposit will be due when you commence the tenancy (the amount of deposit varies (from £150 to £350) so please check this at the application stage. You’ll also need a UK Guarantor. If you don’t have a UK guarantor you will need to pay all of your rent when you join us (you won’t be able to pay in instalments). However, we do partner with a Guarantor Service – Housing Hand – details of which you can find in the ‘Downloads’ section of the website.

What if I want to move in early?

You may be able to, but it’s best to contact the property team at Head Office 01204 360920 to check if it’s possible.

What if I want to have a guest to stay over?


We can’t blame you for wanting to show off your new home! However, for Health & Safety reasons we do need to know when you have guests, they will need to sign in/out at reception. Check Moodle for full details regarding having guests over to stay (two nights is the maximum they can stay in any 7 day period).


What if I want to have a party?


An essential part of student life is partying, and we understand this. However, it is important to consider those around you who may be writing essays or revising for exams. Therefore, if you plan to hold a party or meeting for more than 6 people you will need the prior approval of the property team – see Moodle. Of course, there will be times when having a party isn’t a good idea – during course deadlines and exam periods – we trust we can work together on this.

What if I want to bring my bike?

Absolutely no problem. All properties have secure bike storage. We encourage our residents to pursue a healthy lifestyle; cycling instead of driving a car/using public transport has many benefits, including keeping fit and protecting the environment. (Note: Although we provide secure storage, we also recommend that you insure your bike (indeed, all of your personal possessions, including laptop and all technological gadgets).

What if I lose my key/fob?

Silly you! Don’t worry, just contact a member of the Property Team and they will organise a replacement key/fob. We will need to make a charge for providing you with a new key/fob. See your contract for details.

What if I need to report a fault?

Don’t worry – we’ll get it sorted. Details of how to report a fault are on Moodle edYOUcate. For ease, here is the email to use (don’t forget to tell us where you live and what room you’re in!)  If your issue is an EMERGENCY, call us on our 24/7 number 01204 360920.

In line with our commitment to you, we have a timescale for responding to repair requests – details can be found on Moodle edYOUcate.

How do I get my post/parcels?


Understandably, living away from family and friends it’s always nice to receive letters from loved ones (even if you did ‘Facetime’ them last night!). You’ll be provided with your own mailbox and will be given a key. You can also use the ‘Click + Collect’ service offered by major retailers. All information regarding mail collection can be found on Moodle.

What if I need to wash my clothes? (Where's mum when you need her?)


Unfortunately, doing your own laundry is one of the chores you’ll have to do living away from home. Let’s face it – you don’t want to be the only person sitting in the middle row of the lecture theatre! All our properties have onsite laundry facilities (including instructions on how to use the equipment!). There are charges for this facility, so please check the charge at your chosen accommodation (example charges £2.70 for a wash and £1.70 for a dry, but this differs across sites).

What if I feel lonely?


It’s quite understandable that being away from familiar surroundings and without the safety net of your family and friends, you might feel lonely or a little insecure. A key feature of the PRIMO ethos is to encourage the development of friendships and sense of community in our accommodation. Our social spaces (common room, gym, cinema room) will provide opportunities for getting to know your neighbours. Availability of social spaces differ across our buildings so check those available at your chosen accommodation. Make sure you join in any activities organised. If all else fails, please do come and talk to us – we’re here to help, and “It’s good to talk.” We’ll also be using various social media tools to support a friendly ‘community’ – make sure you get involved!

What if I feel unsafe?

Your safety is of the utmost importance and we do everything we can to ensure you are safe. You do however have to work with us on this and take responsibility in terms of not allowing non-residents to tailgate into the building and so forth. PRIMO managed accommodation has CCTV monitoring, secure key fob access, onsite management/concierge service* and we also work with the local Police Service to provide advice and guidance on personal safety. If you are concerned about a safety matter, please speak with one of the Property Team.

* Please check specific property details for security measures in place.

What if I can't pay my rent?

You need to speak to Primo as soon as possible to reduce the stress this may cause and the impact on your studies. You can contact our credit control department on 01204 360920.

What if I leave my course early?


Unfortunately, you’ll still have to pay us the rent due under the terms of your signed Assured Short Hold Tenancy Agreement. A draft copy of an Assured Short hold Tenancy is in the ‘Downloads’ section of the website. If you have any queries after reading this document, please give us a call or email us so that we can clarify things for you. If you can find a backfill (another student to take over your room), then we will be able to release you from the rental obligation (a fee of £50 will charged in this situation).

What if I am responsible for damages in my new home?

We try to encourage our residents to treat their new home with respect but if you do cause any damages then you’ll be charged for repair/replacement of the same. Moodle has full details of damage recharges. Please note – you will also be liable for the damages any guest you bring in to the accommodation may cause.

What if I want to transfer to another room?

You can do this, if an alternative room is available. There will be a £50 administration charge to pay for the raising of a new contract and so forth.

What if, What if, What if ….. ?

There may be a question we’ve not covered – don’t worry – TAKE A LOOK AT THE ‘YOUR LIVING’ SECTION OF MOODLE edYOUcate or call us on 01204 360920!


STUDENT MINDS have developed a new platform, Student Space, collaboratively with services, higher education professionals, researchers and students to to make it easier for you to find the support that you need during the coronavirus pandemic.

​There are three ways that Student Space is here to help during the pandemic:

  1. Access to dedicated support services for students, by phone or text
  2. Information and tools to help you through the challenges of coronavirus
  3. Helping you find what support is available at your university

Take a look at Student Space.


Professional FAQs


I want to rent a property. Can I afford it?

It’s a good idea to review your budget before looking for a new home. What are your current outgoings and what disposal income (money left over) do you have to spend on rent? What can you afford? At move in you will need to pay deposit monies and also the first month’s rent (plus £100) together with any lettings fees.

I've seen a really nice apartment to rent with Primo. What next?

Contact Primo (01204 360920/ to get further information and organise a viewing. Once you’ve viewed and decided it’ll be a great home for you, complete the application form and pay any fees associated with the application process. You will have been advised of these fees at the enquiry stage/the fees are also outlined on our website) The application can then begin.

Why do I need to be referenced?

Primo work on behalf of investor landlords, and they need to have processes in place to ensure that tenants can afford the rent, and will take good care of the property. Landlords pay us to manage their investment on their behalf.

What does referencing involve?

Tenants applying to rent with Primo need to give details of their employer and income, their previous address, and some bank account details. These will be checked to ensure they can afford the monthly rent payments.

What ID do I need?

As part of the referencing process and to ensure Primo comply with ‘Right to Rent’ legislation we need to be sure a tenant is who they say they are. We will require a proof of residency (such as a utility or council tax bill from the last 3 months) and proof of ID (such as a passport or driving licence). By law Primo also must verify that you have the right to reside in the UK be it temporarily by way of a visa, or permanently.

What is a guarantor?

If a prospective tenant is not fully approved during the referencing process, they can ask a guarantor to support them. A guarantor (usually a parent or guardian, or third party company – for example, Housing Hand) will agree to take responsibility for the rent if the tenant fails to pay. Guarantors are required to pay any rent arrears (if the tenant does not pay) and for any damages costing more than the deposit.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Primo trusts the tenant to keep the property in a good condition and in good order. However, the deposit is held to ensure that any damages (over and above fair wear and tear) can be put right at the end of the tenancy (at the expense of the tenant, via the deposit monies paid).

What will happen to my deposit?

A Tenancy Deposit Scheme (mydeposits) will protect your money for you and will help should there be a dispute at the end of the tenancy. You will be given prescribed information about the scheme from Primo.

What is a tenancy agreement?

A tenancy agreement is a contract signed by both the tenant and Primo (on behalf of the landlord). It outlines all the rules to which both parties must comply. The tenancy agreement will be an Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreement (AST).

What is an inspection?

During your tenancy period, inspections will take place. Primo will ask for access (your AST will contain a clause in relation to inspections – this gives Primo the right to access your rental property to undertake an inspection. Primo will provide minimum 24 hours’ notice).

This is to ensure that the property is being looked after and maintained in a good condition. It’s also a good opportunity to identify any maintenance issues (if they haven’t been reported). Don’t worry, this isn’t every week, or month, just an annual review of the property.

Who is responsible for repairs?

Primo is responsible for repairs and will take care of any repairs. They have a 24/7 answer phone service, so that you can contact them in an emergency situation (for example, if you lose your keys). They also have a procedure in place for reporting repairs via email. Access will be requested to your room in order that the repairs can be completed.

Can I decorate or make changes to the property?

All Primo properties are fully furnished (in terms of furniture and kitchen appliances (cooker, fridge/freezer. It’s a good idea to check at the viewing stage what is provided). Soft items, such as bedding and kitchen equipment, cutlery and so forth, is provided by the tenant. You cannot put pictures on the walls, as this may cause damage, and you will have to pay to get the wall painted at the end of the tenancy (by way of deduction from your deposit).

What if Primo isn't keeping to their side of the agreement?

If a tenant believes Primo is not keeping to their side of the agreement – for instance, not maintaining the property in a fit state of repair – then the first thing the tenant should do is speak to Primo. Primo has a duty of care to the tenant, and will work hard to resolve any issues amicably. Alternatively, a tenant can find independent advice from The Citizens Advice Bureau.

When can Primo enter the property?

Primo will only enter the property after getting you permission (and will. under most circumstances, give you 24 hours’ notice). However, if there is an emergency, it may not be practicable to do so. For example, if the apartment above has a leak and we need to investigate it. We will of course contact you, but we may have to access to prevent further damage or inconvenience to another tenant.

What if I want to end the tenancy?

If you are tied into a fixed term contract, you will be liable for the rent until the fixed term is finished. If you are no longer in a fixed term contract (ie. a rolling contract) your tenancy agreement will define the notice you need to give.

What if I can't pay my rent?

It is always your responsibility to pay the rent, but circumstances change. What happens if you become unemployed or are unable to work due to sickness? The most important thing is not to let arrears pile up until they’re unmanageable. Speak to Primo and see if you can reschedule your payments. Your Guarantor will be contacted in this situation.